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How Does Wobbly Time Tracker
App for Freelancers Work?

Account Creation

You can simply create an account as you always do. Just enter your email, set the password, and hit Create Account button.

Projects Setting

Create projects, sort by clients, and create tasks. And after you've set the projects, you can start the timer.

Time Tracking

Effortlessly track activity time with a one-touch timer across apps and web. Start or enter time later in browser or mobile app. Stay on top of your productivity.


Specify billable or non-billable hours for each project. This information will appear on reports and invoices. You will be compensated fairly for your work. 

Reports Exporting

Create online reports and describe all your activities by the hour. The project manager is always aware of the employees' workload. Thanks to reports, it is easy to back up your words with analytics. 

Invoice Setting

Wobbly simplifies invoicing with features like accurate billing based on actual work hours. Get notified when clients open invoices for prompt communication and seamless financial management.

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Wobbly Time Tracker Features for Freelancers

Track time accurately with Wobbly, perfect for independent professionals. Get detailed reports and monitor every minute of your work.

Freelance Time Tracking and Reporting

In addition to helping you create invoices with accurate billable time and information, Wobbly can also:
- Create summaries and reports;
- Calculate the bill automatically based on your billing rate;
- Export reports for clients.

Integration with Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Trello

Integrate contractor time tracker Wobbly into your favorite apps, like Trello time tracking, where you keep all your tasks and work materials. It is very simple as you only need to click a couple of times to integrate Wobbly into:
- Jira
- GitLab
- GitHub
- Trello.

Resources Planning

Plan your workload based on project time reports. You can track total time, by project, or by period. 

Hourly Invoice Creation

Send your clients professionally designed and branded invoices with hours worked and details of work completed. Wobbly time billing software helps freelancers to :
- Optimize financial management;
- Streamline accounting.

Wobbly App

Contractor time tracking software Wobbly is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. There are plenty of benefits, but the most important ones are:
- It's free;
- You can use it in the browser and on your mobile device;
- It optimizes your working process.

Wobbly Is Perfect for Freelancers

Marketing specialists
Business owners
Temporary workers
Digital nomads
Marketing specialists, Consultants, Writers, Contractors, Business owners,
Temporary workers, Designers, Coders, Assistants, Translators, Digital nomads, Self-employed
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What Our Customers Say About Wobbly

Sergii S.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«There are several benefits to using a time tracker, including the ability to keep track of what the.»
Sergii S.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«I recommend integrating Wobbly time tracker into your favorite business apps.»
Vitalii O.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«Integrating Jira, GitHub, and GitLab allows me to sync data between platforms easily.»
Kate M.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«Wobbly's Resource Planning feature has been managing our HR department more efficiently.»

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