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Whether trying to improve your productivity or keep your time, the simple time tracker Firefox Wobbly is an essential tool for anyone.

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How to track time with Wobbly Firefox Extension?

  • Enter your email address and come up with a password. You'll then have access to the Firefox extension time tracker and the site's features, including timekeeping, resource scheduling, reporting, and billing. You'll also be able to use the Wobbly app.

  • Go to the Firefox menu by clicking on the three parallel lines at the top right, click on «Extensions», and go to the «Add-ons Store» section. Find the Wobbly Firefox time tracker extension and just add it.

  • To start with the time tracker Firefox Wobbly, you need to log into your account and sync them with the extension. Enter your username or password and log in to your Wobbly profile. This will take less than a minute.

  • You can start the Firefox time tracking by pressing the «Start» button, then the timer will start.

  • When you start the Wobbly Firefox time tracker add-on, you need to enter a task name and select a project. The timer will then begin, and you will track your work activities.

  • You can change the entered data after the timer has stopped. Keep track with the Firefox time tracker plugin, and allocate your resources correctly.

  • Use the features of your favorite working tools! Create a task in Jira, GitLab, GitHub, and Trello and synchronize its runtime with the Wobbly time tracker for Firefox, thanks to built-in integrations.

  • The Wobbly Firefox website time tracker allows you to distribute your workload between projects and tasks efficiently. A detailed report is available for planning work time in the future.

Firefox Time Tracker Extension Benefits

Easy operation

Wobbly has simple controls, both in the web version and mobile app, so all commands are executed in a few clicks.

Fast connection

Registration in Wobbly does not take much time, and the program saves all the history of your actions.

Automatic synchronization

All versions of the employee time tracker Wobbly are in sync with each other. You can start tracking time in one and continue in the other!

Useful Integrations

There are no one-size-fits-all work tools, so keep your focus open. Use Wobbly integrations with Jira, GitLab, GitHub, and Trello.

Basic Wobbly time tracking functions

Time recording app: allocate time between projects, plan team workloads, send reports, and invoice clients with Wobbly.

Track Time

Timekeeping app

Track time spent on websites in Firefox or tasks and see how long it takes to complete projects with Wobbly software.

Timekeeping app

Resource scheduling

Wobbly team scheduling software allows you to effectively distribute the workload of your employees between projects and tasks.

Plan Resources

Time and Billing

Wobbly time tracking and billing software create a report in a few clicks. Convenient filters allow viewing the entire history of invoices.


Timing report tool

The Wobbly time reporting tool will allow you to estimate the time spent on a project and help you plan and complete future projects on time.

Track Time

Personnel Scheduling Software Integration

Wobbly is the best time-tracking app for consultants, and you can access it through a mobile device. The app offers iOS and Android users a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

There is no need to turn on the computer to start the workforce scheduling software Wobbly. Use the extension or the app to start the timer.

Find Out What Our Customers Say About Time Tracking Software

“As a Manager of a Startup company, I must say that this is the best tool for team management. I don't have to ping my employees on which projects they are working, I just take a look at the dashboard of Wobbly and that's it.”
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Brooklyn Simmons
Co-founder at FIVE’S
“We’re working on a suite of tools to make managing complex systems easier, for everyone. We can’t wait to hear what you think.”
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Cody Fisher
CEO of Spirits
“Using this software is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all their employees including myself.”
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Mike Donovan
Software Engineer

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