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Whether trying to improve your productivity or keep your time, the simple time tracker Firefox Wobbly is an essential tool for anyone.

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How to track time with
Wobbly Firefox Extension?

Register for Wobbly profile

1. Enter your email address to begin the sign-up process.
2. Create a strong and unique password to secure your account.
3. Get access to features including time tracking, resource scheduling, reporting, billing, and invoicing.

Install the extansion

The short instruction:
1. Go to the Firefox menu by clicking the three parallel lines at the top right.
2. Click «Extensions» and go to the «Add-ons Store» section.
3. Find the Wobbly Firefox time tracker extension and just add it.

Sign in to your Wobbly profile

To start with the time tracker Firefox Wobbly:
1. Log into your Wobbly account and sync them with the extension.
2. Enter your username or password and log in to your Wobbly profile. 

Run the timer

You can start the Firefox time tracking by pressing the «Start» button, then the timer will start. 

Choose a project

When you start the Wobbly Firefox time tracker add-on, you need to enter a task name and select a project. The timer will then begin, and you will track your work activities.

Track time

You can change the entered data after the timer has stopped. Keep track with the Firefox time tracker plugin, and allocate your resources correctly. 


Use the features of your favorite working tools! Create a task in Jira, GitLab, GitHub, and Trello and synchronize its runtime with the Wobbly time tracker for Firefox, thanks to built-in integrations.

Create reports

The Wobbly Firefox website time tracker allows you to distribute your workload between projects and tasks efficiently. A detailed report is available for planning work time in the future. 

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Firefox Time Tracker Extension Benefits

Easy operation

Wobbly has simple operations in both the web version and the mobile app, making it convenient for users of any technical level and the work of an entire team.

All commands are executed in a few clicks, ensuring smooth and efficient operation without unnecessary complications. The app interface is designed specifically for intuitive clicking.

Fast connection

Registering with Wobbly is an easy process that lets you quickly connect to the network. You only need an email and a strong password to register a profile.

As a manager, you can connect all your colleagues to the right project and assign their roles. The program saves your actions' entire history, making it easy to go back to past tasks and timelines.

Automatic synchronization

Wobbly provides seamless, automatic synchronization between all employee time tracker versions. Meaning mobile, web, tablet, and extension.

Start timekeeping on your desktop computer, then easily switch to the mobile app and pick up where you left off. No interruptions or data loss.

Useful Integrations

Wobbly understands that there is no one-size-fits-all workflow tool and provides powerful integrations with popular platforms like Jira, GitLab, GitHub, and Trello.

Customize your workflow and stay on top of your work by increasing your productivity with the best tools!

Basic Wobbly time tracking functions

Track time

Time recording app: allocate time between projects, plan team workloads, send reports, and invoice clients with Wobbly.

Timekeeping app

Track time spent on websites in Firefox or tasks and see how long it takes to complete projects with Wobbly software.

Resource scheduling

Wobbly team scheduling software allows you to effectively distribute the workload of your employees between projects and tasks.

Time and Billing

Wobbly time tracking and billing software create a report in a few clicks. Convenient filters allow viewing the entire history of invoices.

Timing report tool

The Wobbly time reporting tool will allow you to estimate the time spent on a project and help you plan and complete future projects on time.

What Our Customers Say About Wobbly

Sergii S.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«There are several benefits to using a time tracker, including the ability to keep track of what the.»
Sergii S.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«I recommend integrating Wobbly time tracker into your favorite business apps.»
Vitalii O.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«Integrating Jira, GitHub, and GitLab allows me to sync data between platforms easily.»
Kate M.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«Wobbly's Resource Planning feature has been managing our HR department more efficiently.»

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