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How to create a bill using the invoice generator?

To create a professional-looking making invoice online, it is necessary to enter information about the client's company and data about the work done. Later on, the platform will only offer to edit them.

In the «From» section, enter your business information: 

- company name
- your name
- country
- address
- phone, and email.

Enter client information

In the «To» section, fill in similar information about the customer and company.

Describe the work done

Add a description of the service provided to the invoice, enter the QTY, rate, and tax.

Select a discount

The invoice generator will automatically calculate the bill. You can choose the type of currency, add a discount and compute the tax.

Use the comment box

Use the «Comments» field to draw the client's attention to some information.

Customize your invoice

Customize the invoice to match your brand by adding a logo. Remember to include the actual date and invoice number. 

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Invoice generator: main benefits of bill creator

Online invoice generator makes the process more comfortable and available if you have used Online Time Reporting Tool before. Using a template helps to avoid the need to download anything manually and create an invoice automatically. This saves you time and effort.

Use billable hours to pay on time

Set up task synchronization with other work tools, such as Trello Time Tracking Integration, so that all your activities are saved and paid for. You can then use this data to invoice your customer.

Send invoice as PDF via email

Using the invoice generator, you can quickly and easily share or download a PDF file of your invoice with just one click. This is much more efficient than using invoice templates in Excel or Word.

You can mail the invoice directly to your customer without uploading it to your desktop. The invoice will be in pending status and automatically change to paid once it's paid.

Save client details for reuse

When you have an account on Wobbly, the invoice generator will save info about your company and clients. On subsequent uses, the invoice template free will automatically populate your business information, items, and client information.

This eliminates the need to enter client information such as phone number, email address, and mailing address manually.

Send invoice as link

Invoicing doesn't have to be tedious; you can work smarter and more efficiently using an invoice generator. With this free online invoice generator, you can quickly send a link to your invoice with just a few clicks.

Your customers can easily view the invoice on mobile and desktop devices. Once the customer clicks on the invoice link, it will go to view status, and then the status will change when the customer pays.

See when client opens an invoice

One feature of the Wobbly invoice generator is tracking when a client opens an invoice. This can provide insights into your client's payment habits and help you follow up on unpaid invoices.

Tracking invoices with Wobbly can help you identify and address potential issues preventing your clients from paying on time.

Track statuses of your invoice

Our free invoice creator has four statuses for your issued invoices. These clear statuses let you easily track your invoicing and follow up with clients as needed.

- The Awaiting status indicates that the invoice has been sent to the client and is awaiting payment.
- The Reviewed status means that the client has viewed the invoice, but payment has not been made.
- The Paid status indicates that the client has submitted payment for the invoice.
- The Overdue status indicates that the payment deadline has passed without payment being received.

Important components of a bill

An invoice free template consists of 6 essential elements, while others are optional and used mainly for customization purposes.

Invoice number

Wobbly free invoice generator assigns a unique number for identifying an invoice. This number helps keep track of multiple invoices. The format of an invoice number can vary and may include file numbers, unique billing codes, or purchase order numbers based on the date of the transaction.

Date of creation & due date

The invoice generator allows including the issuance date of the invoice. It helps a customer to understand multiple invoices. Since payment is due within a specified number of days from the invoice receipt date, including the date when the payment must do is a vital aspect of indicating.

Your company name and details & Client name with Details

When you make an invoice with Free Billing Software, you must provide your business's legal name and contact info, including the address, phone number, and email address. Additionally, it's crucial to include your client's name and contact details. The invoice maker will save your data in templates for future use.

Description of Services rendered or Goods sold

In the «Description» section of invoice creator, list each good or service provided as separate line items. Correctly and in detail describing the work performed, the client will not have questions about payment for your labor. Each new line item in the invoice generator should include the name of the service and its details.

QTY & Rate & Tax & Subtotal

Using the online invoice generator saves you time when billing for services. In front of each completed job, enter the number of hours worked or services provided. Enter the price per unit of product/service or hourly rate. Enter your tax information or add a discount, and the free invoice maker will calculate.

Comments box

In this field, you can describe the work done in more detail, clarify difficult points, and answer possible questions of your client in advance if you think they will arise. You can also thank the client for working with your company. The invoice generator will save this information for the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of invoices are there?


You can create several types of invoices on the Wobbly invoice generator.
1. Proforma invoices indicate the seller's commitment to providing goods or services to the buyer at an agreed-upon price.
2. Commercial invoices are used for customs purposes when exporting goods across international borders. 
3. Credit notes are issued to buyers in case of damaged goods or other errors. 
4. Timesheet invoices are used to bill for work done on an hourly basis. 
5. Recurring invoices are created and sent to customers regularly, such as monthly or quarterly.

Businesses can choose the best type for their needs by understanding the available invoices.

Why is it important to add a payment date to an invoice?


It is vital to provide clear and complete invoices to clients to ensure timely payment and efficient financial management. Failing to include these critical details, like the due date, can confuse and delay payment, ultimately impacting your business. 

What currency can I invoice in?


Our free invoice generator supports 119 currencies from around the world. You can work from anywhere worldwide and bill your goods and services in every currency!

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