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Online Time Recording App

How to Use Time Recording Solution Wobbly?

  • Use Wobbly on any preferred device. It works in the browser and mobile. No need to leave behind your favorite tools like Trello, Jira, Gitlab, or Github. So be sure to use your favorite way to work and track time.

    How to record time? It is easy to start and stop time recording. There is only one click to do it all. Record working time, control, and continue tracking any time with simple actions.

  • You can add working hours later if you forget to turn on the timer. All you have to do is start a new timer, note the task's name, and enter a start and end time. Make sure you do this in the relevant project.

    It’s important always to keep track of current tasks for resource planning of your team.

Features of Wobbly Time Recorder

Use Time Recording App in Browser

As soon as you start the time recording app, you'll see the last project you've worked on. This helps to start faster and boost overall productivity even for a bit. In any case, this is a good and helpful feature to use.

When you start tracking the time of the old project, you still get a new time-tracking log.

Edit Data in Time Recording System

Edit previous logs based on actual information. You can change the task name, project name, time, and date. So no worries if you forgot to start tracking time. You can always edit the log you've started later.

Billable and Non-billable

You can simply track billable and non-billable hours with the time recording timesheet app. No need for a second guess when time reporting and time invoicing the client, just check what you already have and be sure that all the data is right.

This option is user-friendly and intuitive, so you don't need to go around the app searching for the desired button.

Additional Wobbly's Time Recording Features

Time Reporting Tool

Report your time with Wobbly with just a few clicks. You can adjust the time if you need to write down working hours and submit the data to create an invoice.

You can always ensure all the working hours were spent and have proof of that for your clients.

Time Reporting Tool

Resource Planning

Track working hours with just a few clicks. You can also add each item to your favorites for instant access when you need to keep track of time.

If the working time needs to be adjusted, edit the time already recorded. You can sync your tracked time with Jira, Trello, Gitlab, and Github for increased productivity.

Plan Resources

Time Invoicing

Create invoices for your clients based on the time your team and you have worked on a project. No need to spend lots of time thinking about what you’ve been doing for the past month. Just go to Wobbly and create an invoice based on the tracked time.

Time Invoicing

Time Recording App Integration

There is no need to turn on the computer to start recording time with Wobbly. Use the extension or the app to start the timer.

Find Out What Our Customers Say About Time Tracking Software

“As a Manager of a Startup company, I must say that this is the best tool for team management. I don't have to ping my employees on which projects they are working, I just take a look at the dashboard of Wobbly and that's it.”
review photo 1
Brooklyn Simmons
Co-founder at FIVE’S
“We’re working on a suite of tools to make managing complex systems easier, for everyone. We can’t wait to hear what you think.”
review photo 2
Cody Fisher
CEO of Spirits
“Using this software is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all their employees including myself.”
review photo 3
Mike Donovan
Software Engineer

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