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Benefits of employee time tracker

  • Employee hours tracking can help companies optimize their workforce and improve their bottom line. Track hours and minutes spent on tasks and see how long it takes to complete projects with Wobbly software with just a few clicks.

  • Team management involves the preparation of timesheets. This feature allows you to effectively distribute the workload of your employees between projects and tasks. Ultimately, visualizing your team's workload can save time and money.

  • Thanks to the in-build integrations, get the most out of your tools and save time. By taking advantage of these popular integrations, you can synchronize your task and time, streamline your workflow, and get more done in less time.

  • By tracking the ratio of estimated labor to actual time spent on a project, managers can ensure that projects are on schedule and within budget. Project reporting can also help you anticipate, plan and execute future projects.

Employee time management system for project managers

Track employee hours to plan activities

Schedule time for projects in a resource planner, and allocate resources to tasks. See who goes on vacation or is sick, and do quick rotations. Resource planning with Wobbly helps you identify and track the resources needed for each task, and identify risks and potential areas for improvement.

Personal time dashboard for employment tracking

Thanks to the real-time reports in time reporting tool Wobbly, you see how busy your teammates are, and what tasks and projects they are working on. All worked time is synchronized and summarized by day, week, month, and year. Analyze the data in retrospect and plan of load better.

Tracking paid and unpaid bills

Invoice on a bill/non-bill tracked time basis. Time invoicing can be left in drafts or duplicated. Track the status of your invoices. Until the recipient clicks on the link to the invoice, it will be in a pending payment status. Once the payment is made, you can confirm the payment, and the status will be changed. Convenient filters allow you to view the entire invoice history.

Functions time tracking software for employee

Many systems track how much time an employee spends on a task. They come in different types, but they all serve the same purpose: to help businesses manage their workforce more effectively. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Turn on Timer and track billable and non-billible tasks

Install a special employee time-tracking app and run it to track time spent. Track the time and mark bill or no bill. After completion, stop the timer. And then, in reports, you will be able to count how much time was spent on the tasks in the project.

Viewing and editing personal records

After you stop the timer, you can edit your time entries. Change the description, project, and task start manually and end time. You can also use the employee time tracking app free Wobbly or the Google Chrome extension for convenience and reduction of your time.

Keep track of time from anywhere

Employee timekeeping has never been easier. You can use the Wobbly time tracker anywhere and anytime. Track time in Wobbly on your phone or laptop, register and try the browser extension. Start directly from where you work, e.g., GitHub, GitLab, Trello, Jira.

Track employee hours to plan activities

Look at how long this or that task takes, what projects you work on the most. How many hours you worked during the month. On which days you work the most, distribute your time more evenly. Businesses that carefully track employee hours and expenses can allocate resources and plan their activities more efficiently.

How to use automated time tracking software?

Log in to the employee
check-in app

Find Wobbly on the App Store or Google Play. Log in with your email address. You'll then access features like time recorder, resource planning, reporting, and invoicing.

Staff time tracker in work activities

After logging in, you can use the timer to perform tasks and monitor your own progress and that of your team.

Evaluate the productivity of employees

The activity of employees will constantly be before your eyes. You can intelligently distribute the workload among all team members and complete all tasks on time.

Generate reports with employee job tracking software

Convenient filters allow you to make reports on the work done by each employee on the project and send them to clients, as well as track each employee's progress.

Time tracking integrations for employees

Take full advantage of the Wobbly employee time tracker to work efficiently and team project management software thanks to built-in integration.

  • Jira

  • Trello

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

Find Out What Our Customers Say About Time Tracking Software

“As a Manager of a Startup company, I must say that this is the best tool for team management. I don't have to ping my employees on which projects they are working, I just take a look at the dashboard of Wobbly and that's it.”
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Brooklyn Simmons
Co-founder at FIVE’S
“We’re working on a suite of tools to make managing complex systems easier, for everyone. We can’t wait to hear what you think.”
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Cody Fisher
CEO of Spirits
“Using this software is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all their employees including myself.”
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Mike Donovan
Software Engineer

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  • Yes, Wobbly is a free employee time tracking. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees. However, the free version is fully featured and should be sufficient for small teams and freelancers. Additionally, Wobbly offers Free Forever, Medium Team, and Large Team versions with more features for projects and clients.

  • Wobbly office time tracking software is perfect for IT companies, startups, freelancers, remote workers, or anyone who wants to understand how much time they spend on tasks. In addition, Wobbly offers various features, such as resource planning, reporting, and invoicing.

  • Each employee of your team will turn on the timer when they perform this or that task. You will be able to see the time spent by each employee in the report and analyze the result. Thus, you will have a complete picture of what is happening on the project in real time.

  • The more employees you have in your team, the more carefully you need to distribute the workload among them. With the help of resource planning, employees can schedule vacations or take day off. Thanks to detailed reports on projects, employees, and clients, you can quickly assess the state of affairs and allocate time for rest.

  • When choosing employee time reporting software, there are a few essential factors to consider. First, the software should be easy to use and allow employees to clock in and out with minimal effort. Second, it should provide detailed reports that can help managers identify areas of improvement. Finally, you are not paying for the users but for the team.