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Time Reporting Aspects

Check Information on the Dashboard

Track team time instantly. The dashboard summarizes billable hours and activities. No downloads are needed. Use filters for project progress, individuals, and spot burnout.

Check the Reports in Real Time

Monitor specialist workload effortlessly. No more manual inquiries. Efficiently track productivity and oversee ongoing projects in real time.

Filter Reports to Get Detailed Information

Filter reports by clients, users, specialists, projects, and more. Prepare and review reports based on team members with our time reporting system.

Download Reports in CSV

Customize report appearance: classic, decimal, or improved. Access summary and decimal time reports. Choose the desired format for maximum insights and value.

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Online Time Reporting Benefits to Upgrade the Business

Boost Productivity

Work report software boosts productivity by providing project and task visibility for process optimization. Analyze reports to make data-driven decisions on time allocation and team requirements. Educate the team on technical and soft skills if needed.

Check Insights of the Team Performance

A reliable time reporting system reveals valuable team performance data. Dig deeper into the info to make data-driven decisions, track productivity, and allocate workload efficiently based on individual speeds. Achieve a balance between productivity and satisfaction for all team members.

Manage the Resources

Detailed time tracking (monthly, daily, or weekly) offers immense potential for enhancing team performance, ultimately impacting the overall business. Managers and HR specialists must prioritize the well-being and motivation of team members.

Create Invoices

The invoice for an employee scheduling program contains all the necessary data to be sent to the customer. It includes data on working hours, tax rates, and percentages. Finally, the customer can see the final cost of the services rendered. This data helps the customer to understand the cost of work in detail.

Additional Wobbly Features

Time Tracking

Track working time with a couple of clicks. It is also possible to add any project to favorites for instant access when it is time to track time.

Edit time that is already tracked if it is necessary to adjust the working time. And one can synchronize the time tracked with Jira, Trello, Gitlab, and Github to work more efficiently.

Create Time-Based Invoices

Based on the time the team spent working on the task, it is possible to create the invoice with a detailed report. This is how the client can see what exactly was done and how the work went.

Plan Resources

Plan the workload of team workers and see who has enough time to get new projects as soon as some are ready to be done. The overall workload can be tracked so that the manager of the team can distribute tasks evenly.

Give employees time to plan and manage the business more efficiently.

Boost Your Productivity On-the-Go with Wobbly

Track time on the go with Wobbly, the top app for consultants. Easy-to-use interface for iOS and Android.

Start timer via app or extension, no computer required.

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What Our Customers Say About Wobbly

Sergii S.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«There are several benefits to using a time tracker, including the ability to keep track of what the.»
Sergii S.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«I recommend integrating Wobbly time tracker into your favorite business apps.»
Vitalii O.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«Integrating Jira, GitHub, and GitLab allows me to sync data between platforms easily.»
Kate M.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«Wobbly's Resource Planning feature has been managing our HR department more efficiently.»

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