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Online Time Reporting Tool

Time Reporting Aspects

  • See instantly when and where the most time is spent and what the team is doing. Wobbly's dashboard also gives a full summary of all tracked time between teams and the sum of all billable time. This employee reporting system is friendly, and the dashboard is easy to use.

    A dashboard can provide all the necessary information, so there is no need to download the report. With the help of filters, it is possible to check information about the specific project. For example, check the amount of work done during the picked days. Also, it is possible to check the amount of time each worker spent on the project or how long it took the specific task to finish. An HR specialist can see the workers’ dynamics for a month or so and see the red flags if so — to hire one more worker or offer a vacation if there are signs of burnout.

  • The manager can check the specialist's workload to see what exactly the specialist is doing now. This means there is no need to go and ask everyone about what they are doing or planning to do. An efficient way to keep an eye on workers’ productivity and also take care of all the ongoing projects.

  • It is possible to filter reports by clients, users, specialists, projects, available data, and task time logs. With the help of the time reporting system, it is possible to prepare and check reports based on different team members.

  • It is possible to adjust the look of the report: to classic, decimal, or improved. Time reporting information is also available as a summary time report and decimal time report. So it is only necessary to pick the desired format and view to get the most profit from the information.

Online Time Reporting Benefits to Upgrade the Business

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

It is possible to boost productivity with the help of work report software as one can see the current state of the project and tasks and help with process optimization. Analyze reports and make data-driven decisions to see whether more time or additional team members are needed. Or maybe it is enough to educate the team on specific topics — both technical and soft skills.

Check Insights of the Team Performance

Check Insights of the Team Performance

With a flawless time reporting system, it is possible to check the data about team performance. There might be not so much obvious information that one sees easily but actually information that needs to be dug up.

Look deeper into the data to make data-driven decisions, track performance, and see how the team actually spends the working hours. Some specialists work faster, some work a bit slower, and it is important to spread the workload depending on that data, so everyone is productive and happy at the same time.

Manage the Resources

Manage the Resources

When every piece of information is right before the eyes, it is possible to manage the resources freely and confidently. The monthly, daily, or weekly time detail provides unimaginable opportunities for boosting the work of the whole team, which influences the overall business.

Every manager or HR specialist should care about teams, making sure that every worker has enough tasks, is happy with the job, healthy, and motivated. Track the workload and spread the tasks evenly with the help of the time reporting tool.

Create Invoices

Create Invoices

An employee scheduling software invoice contains all the necessary data that should be sent to the customer. It includes the data on working hours, tax rates, and percentages. Finally, the client can see the final cost of the provided services.

These details help clients understand the cost of work in detail.

Additional Wobbly Features

Plan Resources

Plan the workload of team workers and see who has enough time to get new projects as soon as some are ready to be done. The overall workload can be tracked so that the manager of the team can distribute tasks evenly.

Give employees time to plan and manage the business more efficiently.

Plan Resources

Create Time-Based Invoices

Based on the time the team spent working on the task, it is possible to create the invoice with a detailed report. This is how the client can see what exactly was done and how the work went.


Time Tracking

Track working time with a couple of clicks. It is also possible to add any project to favorites for instant access when it is time to track time.

Edit time that is already tracked if it is necessary to adjust the working time. And one can synchronize the time tracked with Jira, Trello, Gitlab, and Github to work more efficiently.

Track Time

Personnel Scheduling Software Integration

Wobbly is the best time-tracking app for consultants, and you can access it through a mobile device. The app offers iOS and Android users a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

There is no need to turn on the computer to start the workforce scheduling software Wobbly. Use the extension or the app to start the timer.

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“As a Manager of a Startup company, I must say that this is the best tool for team management. I don't have to ping my employees on which projects they are working, I just take a look at the dashboard of Wobbly and that's it.”
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Brooklyn Simmons
Co-founder at FIVE’S
“We’re working on a suite of tools to make managing complex systems easier, for everyone. We can’t wait to hear what you think.”
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Cody Fisher
CEO of Spirits
“Using this software is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all their employees including myself.”
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Mike Donovan
Software Engineer

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