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Workforce Scheduling Benefits That Will Upgrade the Business

  • Team scheduling is an important part that can help track each employee's schedule, noticing the actual workload. Besides, it is possible to set the estimates and understand the perfect deadline for the task.

    Understanding the amount of possible work and the workload of each team member will help easily plan the whole work process and get precise information and understand the future outcome.

  • Track and manage schedules of all employees in real-time with the help of work scheduling software. This helps with understanding the project's state and the workload of the team's specialists.

    This is also perfect for the real-time reports that allow managing tasks and projects right away.

  • With a free online employee scheduling tool, the team will always have up-to-date data on tasks and projects. The manager can add data, files, information, update status, write feedback, etc., in one place, so no one skips the important notes.

    It is also possible to assign specific tasks for specific specialists so that each piece of the project is perfectly done. After sticking to this routine, the business will attract more and more customers with interesting projects as many could rely on your pace.

  • Plan the specialists' workload to see who has enough time to assign new projects when they appear. It is possible to track the overall workload, allowing the team to spread the tasks evenly.

    Be in charge of the employees' time to plan and manage the business more efficiently.

  • Track all vacations, days off, and sick days in one web-based employee scheduling software. No need to check the absence information again and again, as the team will be able to see who is absent today on the dashboard.

    This helps to plan the workload, which results in happier employees and successful projects.

Employee Scheduling Software Managing

Create Tasks

Create Tasks

Every project manager can create tasks easily with the help of workforce scheduling software. It is possible to add the name of the task, the description of the task, assign it to a specific person, and set the beginning date and the deadline in one place. This is a piece of the necessary information that can help track tasks and keep an eye on the process itself.

Assign Tasks

Assign Tasks

The work scheduling software allows the assignment of specific tasks to specific employees. Such information is always near, so it is possible not only for one person to check who works on a specific task but also for the whole team can see the executant.

It is also possible to change the performer of the task if needed, even in the middle of the project.

Manage Fatigue and Overtime

Manage Fatigue and Overtime

Manage employees' level of fatigue and track working hours with the help of simple employee scheduling management. If needed, set the limit of working hours per day or per week. It is also possible to set the hours limit for freelancers and those working part-time. Sometimes it is unnecessary that specialists overwork, and such metrics can be tracked and limited.

Make Sure Time Off is Stress Free

Make Sure Time Off is Stress Free

As tracking time and tasks become the routine, each specialist can see the workload, plan the working day, and prevent any overtimes that lead to stress. Managers can track the same things, making sure that every specialist is happy and has some time for hobbies and extracurricular activities, which, by the way, might result in new skills or a deeper knowledge of the projects' topics.

Schedule by Skillset

Schedule by Skillset

Track employees' skillset to schedule them according to their skills. It is easy to track with the staff scheduling software as it allows to tag people based on their knowledge and skills. So when it is necessary to find the perfect candidate to deal with writing, coding, testing, or managing, there are also listed options in the employee scheduling application.

Additional Wobbly Features

Track Time

Track the time of particular projects or tasks. It is also possible to add any project to favorites so anybody can access it faster and easier. It is also possible to edit previous working hours that are not synchronized with other software.

When working with Jira and setting tasks and time before synchronizing apps, the final time result will be based on Jira data.

Track Time

Create Reports

Create and check reports at any time. Sort them out if specific information is needed, for example, sort reports by clients, projects, specialists, etc. Each project has information on each specialist and each task, so it is possible to check which person did what tasks and for how long.

It is possible to download the reports so the managers can send them to the clients.

Create Reports

Check Workflow in Real-Time Report

Each manager can check any project and see who works on which task in real-time, meaning that it is possible to see the tasks that are currently in process.

Specialists have color-coded indicators that signal the current status of the time-tracking process. The green signal means that the user tracks the task right now, the yellow signal appears when the task has been tracked recently, and the red signal appears if the task hasn't been tracked for more than eight hours.

Check Workflow in Real-Time Report


Employee scheduling software invoices have all the necessary data that should be sent to the client. It has the number of working hours, the rate, and the tax percentage. In the end, the client can see the final cost of the provided work.

Such details will help clients understand the cost of the work in detail.


Cases and Benefits

Wobbly helped the software development company with more than 100 employees to adjust their work during the pandemic when working remotely.

Alex Demann, the CEO and Founder of Lazy Ants, the software development company, decided to use Wobbly to bring his team to a new level of productivity. They use Jira to track project progress, but some tasks took less time and some more, and there was no distinctive pattern that could help track and plan the future workload.

After implementing Wobbly into the management system, Alex was able to assess the performance of our employees, and it turned out that their efficiency was only 30-50%. 
In a couple of months, the volume of the sprints increased by 30%, although the number of specialists decreased by 10%.

Now Lazy Ants managers understand how much time it takes to complete specific tasks. In addition, it helps to evaluate and forecast the work time on similar projects or tasks. And that’s all because of implementing a simple management tool Wobbly.

Cases and Benefits

Personnel Scheduling Software Integration

Wobbly is the best time-tracking app for consultants, and you can access it through a mobile device. The app offers iOS and Android users a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

There is no need to turn on the computer to start the workforce scheduling software Wobbly. Use the extension or the app to start the timer.

Find Out What Our Customers Say About Time Tracking Software

“As a Manager of a Startup company, I must say that this is the best tool for team management. I don't have to ping my employees on which projects they are working, I just take a look at the dashboard of Wobbly and that's it.”
review photo 1
Brooklyn Simmons
Co-founder at FIVE’S
“We’re working on a suite of tools to make managing complex systems easier, for everyone. We can’t wait to hear what you think.”
review photo 2
Cody Fisher
CEO of Spirits
“Using this software is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all their employees including myself.”
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Mike Donovan
Software Engineer

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  • The staff scheduling software works perfectly with any organization. Wobbly is the best solution for IT companies from the IT company. It is also suitable for freelancers, but Wobbly is more about management which is better for small and big companies than freelancers.

  • Wobbly has all the necessary features for a superb team scheduling software. It is also easy to use and extremely user-friendly. And because of that, the adaptation period is simple as Wobbly has only the essential functions for successful management. Moreover, the price is the same for teams of all sizes. We don’t charge for members. The managers will also be glad as Wobbly makes it possible to automize routine tasks and focus on planning.

  • With the help of simple staff scheduling software, it is possible to boost the productivity of your team and specialists individually, which leads to better performance. In the end, you can raise the check and bring the company to another level. All of this is possible because of the slightest changes and a free online employee scheduling tool.

  • Besides the main features, Wobbly offers a Wobbly button extension that makes it possible to integrate the soft into Jira, GitLab, GitHub, and Trello. And there is also a mobile app, Wobbly time, available, which helps to track time from the smartphone and sends the data to the app and vice versa.

  • Create a schedule based on the employees' workload to make sure everyone has enough work and doesn't overwork.

  • Workforce scheduling software is a simple tool that allows creating and managing employee schedules. Thus it is possible to dive deeper into other business processes and just check the way the team works on particular tasks and projects to make sure everything goes as planned.

  • It is better to know how much time it takes to finish particular tasks, which makes it easier to price the work. It is also important to check the employees' workload so that everyone has enough work based on their skill set.

  • Wobbly is a user-friendly minimalistic solution that has everything needed to run the projects and tasks, making sure the team performs great.

  • It is possible to track the workload and schedules of as many employees as there are in the company. No limits.