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How to Track Time with Jira Tracking Integration?

Register at Wobbly platform

To log time in Jira efficiently, you must first install the Wobbly extension and sign up. In the registration field, enter your email address and create a password. Your Wobbly account is ready!

Install Chrome's time tracker extension

To run the Jira tracker, you will need to install an extension. Find the Wobbly extension in the Google Chrome online catalog. Add it and confirm it in the pop-up to finish the installation.

Setting Jira timer

You need to synch your Wobbly and Jira accounts to start Jira time logging. Enter your username or password and log in to your Wobbly profile.

Run Jira time tracker

You are ready for Jira tracking! After setting profiles, press the button «Start», and the tracker begins counting down. The extension is identical to the program interface: select a project and write the task's name.

Use time reports for Jira for managing tasks and projects

You'll have access to Wobbly's features, including a Tracker, Reporting and Planning Tool, and Time Billing Software. All the while, you keep working with your favorite Jira tool! Manage your projects and your time efficiently every second!

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Jira Time Tracking Integration Benefits

Maintain your Focus with the assistance of Wobbly

Monitoring the time spent on tasks and identifying unproductive periods helps regain focus and productivity swiftly. Consider utilizing Jira time tracking reports to establish goals and activities planning effectively or using employee scheduling software to enhance team collaboration and efficiency.

User-friendly integration for Jira log timeing

Wobbly is a versatile tool that seamlessly integrates with many available work platforms. As a result, it ensures immediate improvements in your workflow without having to switch to other apps. Since Wobbly is also an extension, it doesn't require any installation, and you can start the time tracker Jira by simply clicking on your browser.

Time reports for Jira

Jira's time tracking report includes detailed information about each employee's participation and overall vision of progress. When you can see the progress of a project in the Time Reporting Tool, it becomes easier to make informed decisions based on the data, look for ways to optimize the project, and use the data to report to clients.

Features of the Wobbly’s Time Tracking App

Managing team progress

Organize your team's workload by evaluating each member's availability to undertake new projects. Team managers can allocate tasks equitably by keeping track of the overall workload.

This approach lets your employees free up time to strategize and manage your business more effectively.

Control work time efficiently

Easily monitor your working hours using Employee Time Tracking Software. You can add frequently tracked items to favorites for quick access.

In case of any adjustments to working hours, edit the recorded time accordingly. For enhanced productivity, sync your tracked time with Jira, Trello, GitLab, and GitHub.

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What Our Customers Say About Wobbly

Sergii S.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«There are several benefits to using a time tracker, including the ability to keep track of what the.»
Sergii S.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«I recommend integrating Wobbly time tracker into your favorite business apps.»
Vitalii O.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«Integrating Jira, GitHub, and GitLab allows me to sync data between platforms easily.»
Kate M.
Computer Software, 51-200 employees
«Wobbly's Resource Planning feature has been managing our HR department more efficiently.»

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